If your PC is doing unusual things, or you have seen strange error messages or pop up adverts, it could be that you have some unwanted software on your machine.  A quick call to TitanUp could be all you need to put your mind at rest or start the removal process.  There are thousands of articles on the internet about Viruses, spyware, adware and lots of other 'wares.  You could spend time reading through them all and trying out some of the suggestions, but you don't need to, you have a friendly expert to do that for you.

titanup BSOD At TitanUp we will lovingly go through any PC or Laptop with a fine toothed comb and remove unwanted software Virus, Malware, Trojans and spyware from the simplest annoying advertising to the most dangerous ransomware.

We understand that all your files are important to you, we can restore your backups or if you have no backups (why not?) we will attempt to retrieve as much as we can.

If you suspect you have a virus or malware,contact us now.