There is nothing more annoying than a machine that decides to have a crisis when you need to use it.  Of course you could spend time googling the problem and trying out the myriad of solutions suggested, or you could just call your trusted expert at TitanUp!  TitanUp offer a friendly - no nonsense telephone suport service.  We're happy to deal with you whatever your PC experience, we find we can solve most problems in one or two calls.  What's more, with our many industry links, if we don't know the answer, we definitely know someone who does!

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We provide support to companies and individuals, including :

  • mitigating data loss if you suspect a virus or malware.
  • putting your mind at ease over unusual error messages.
  • help to configure your email and cloud services.

We offer 20 min of free telephone support (or the first call) for every new customer and keep a database of your issues so we can help as fast as possible without asking the same questions on future calls.

Please feel free to give us a call! on 01606 41272