If your computer is starting to feel sluggish, there’s no reason to rush out a spend hundreds on a new one.  Investing a small amount in key new PC hardware may keep your computer running strong for many years.  At TitanUp we can suggest upgrades that will breathe new life into slow machines  We offer almost all types of upgrades from simply fitting a new graphics card to full RGB lighting or liquid cooling. You can leave the research to us! If you have software or a game in mind that is running poorly we will find the best solution to upgrade your current PC that suits your price range.

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Here's how we can help you Upgrade your system :

  • We can Specify, Order and Fit new parts.
  • We can Install Drivers and Software.
  • We stress test your hardware after installation and supply you with a comprehensive report.
  • We install lighting strips and RGB systems.

If you don't know where to begin and just need some friendly advice on parts or upgrades please  Contact us now to discuss your options.